Sunday, May 11, 2014

Cheetahstand Speed Pro S Flash Bracket

I recently purchased a bunch of products from Cheetahstand.  I am not affiliated with them at all, but do like the customer service they provide and the products that they have.

One of the products I purchased was the Cheetahstand Speed Pro S Bracket.  It allows you to have an easy mount for your flashes and light modifiers, supporting the Bowens S mount as well as just a standard speedlight mount for those softboxes and other modifiers that don't already have a speedring.

Below is my overview:

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Cheetahstand Speed Pro S:

Over the next few months, I'll post some additional videos of the Cheetahlight CL-360 that I purchased, and using it with the Yongnuo 622N flash triggering system, so stay tuned.

Thank you and happy shooting!

MagMod Light Modification System for Speedlights

In late 2013, I saw a reference to a new kisckstarter project on that interested me.  It was for a flash modification system called MagMod.

Kickstarter page:

It looked pretty interesting, so I supported it.  They started shipping to kickstarted supporters in January and February of 2014.  I've created a video overview of the product:

As I mention in the video, its a pretty good system, is easy to use, and quicker and more polished than say the Honl system (which I also use).  However, there are a few caveats such as if you have a Nikon SB900.

You can find out more at their official website: 
However, I have found the best material on their kickstarter page.

If you have any questions, please post them in the comments section.  Thanks for watching and happy shooting!!