Saturday, February 15, 2014

Yongnuo YN-622N-TX Review

I just received my new YN-622N-TX this last week and am very impressed with it.  It creates a much better balance on the camera than a combination YN-622N Transceiver and a Flash, and provides additional functionality also, such as Camera Shutter Triggering and Super Sync.  

Let's back up a bit first, the YN-622N system from Yongnuo is a full featured radio flash trigger system for Nikon compatible cameras and flashes.  It supports full iTTL (think of it as a radio based version of the Creative Lighting System (CLS)) and remote manual control of speed lights across 3 different groups and selecting from 7 different channels.  It supports Auto FP (high speed sync), rear and front curtain sync and most of not all of the other Nikon Flash features (I am not aware of any it does not support).  The TX adds a new dedicated controller to the system.

This controller is nice in that it as an autofocus light, a usb interface for future firmware upgrades, Super Sync functionality (allowing you to adjust timing for use of studio lights with speed lights), and the logic embedded in it even corrects some of the issues that they had with earlier versions of the transceivers working in full iTTL with SB-800s.

My video below goes into some of the history of the YN-622N system as a whole, as well as the 622N-TX controller specifically.  Please post a comment if there was anything I missed.  Thank you.

For additional detail on the Yongnuo YN-622N-TX and other flash products, check out the information on  Its where I initially heard about the 622Ns and the site provides a ton of useful information (I am not affiliated with the site other than being a fan).

Next week, I should be getting my MagMod speed light system in, and plan to post a video review of that in the next few weeks.

Until then, happy shooting........

- David