About this Blog

I posted my first few pics and didn't really say much about what I was trying to do with this Photo Blog. The fact that I do call it a "Photo Blog" should tell you something, but not much. It got me to thinking. Am I just trying to regurgitate some of my photos to share them out there and see if they resonate with anyone, or am I trying to do something more? 

Well, I am not trying to solve world hunger with my photo blog (but wouldn't that be great if I could :-) ). I don't have any single purpose, but I think there are several things I am trying to do. 

1) One reason is just to share my work to see if it resonates with anyone, so if you like something you see here, or have constructive criticism, please share in the comments section.

2) Building off the constructive criticism piece, one of the reasons I have this blog is to try to grow as a photographer. I am a hobbyist, not a professional and I have a lot of room for growth. I do not have people hiring me and making suggestions on what my next gig is. Before this blog, I would take photos and I might share them with family on Kodak Gallery or something like that, but those would be more like family photos that they would be interested in. I did not have a place for some of my photos that did not contain family members. So the blog allows me, or forces me to think of my photography a little more formally and to begin to think about what I want to shoot and how I want to organize my body of work, which I think is a positive thing.

3) Again, building off of the "grow as a photographer" theme, as I build my experience and if this site becomes more of a community instead of just a place I throw my thoughts, I am interested in the interaction with others and how I can use that to grow my creativity level even higher.  In the meantime I have started participating in the Kansas City Photographer / Artist Meetup Group, and some facebook groups.