Monday, June 20, 2011

My first Kansas City Photographer's meetup

My first meetup was to the West Bottoms in Kansas City.  We went there in the late afternoon and left right as the golden hour was upon us.  It was great meeting some of the other photographers in the MeetUp group.

My photos were not all that great, but it was fun to get out and to challenge myself.  I want to go back around 8pm one night, stay during the golden hour and into the evening to take some night photos.......

New Weekly Challenge - WPC 201

This last week's challenge was "WPC PC #201 - Silhouette".  I entered two photos.  One was a photo taken last year of the statue at Gezer park against the sunset.  However, part of the reason that I am participating in the photo challenge is as a way to get me out shooting.

Therefore, when I took the kids to the elementary school park, I grabbed my camera and decided I was going to get a Silhouette picture this last weekend.  Well, I wasn't thinking of everything.  It was hot and humid out, but my camera was nicely cooled at home and in the car, so when I took it out, it fogged all up.  I waited a few minutes and it wasn't clearing.  Oh well, I'll see what I can do with what I have I told myself.  I ended up with a nice silhouette of Maia walking away in the soccer field with one arm held up.  It looks a bit like she is walking away into an apocalyptic landscape.  Sort of a Holga look.  I wasn't sure what others would think of it.  However, even though it didn't win, it did get some nice comments from others.  Experimentation is good!!

Where did the night go

So I was worried about the theme that I came up with.  There were no posts well into Saturday.  Then one post on Saturday.  Late Sunday, a number of other people posted.  I chose as the winner a photo I really liked, although it was the one photo that I had trouble interpreting the match to the theme (but it is there).  It was a picture of her daughter as a zombie: it was taken with a phone's camera and it had some camera app theme applied to it.  I really liked the effect.

There were other really good photos though.  There was a picture of beer bottle caps; there was a picture of people dancing at a nightclub where they were a bit blurred; a nice sunset, lots of good photos.  It was fun judging.