Monday, June 20, 2011

New Weekly Challenge - WPC 201

This last week's challenge was "WPC PC #201 - Silhouette".  I entered two photos.  One was a photo taken last year of the statue at Gezer park against the sunset.  However, part of the reason that I am participating in the photo challenge is as a way to get me out shooting.

Therefore, when I took the kids to the elementary school park, I grabbed my camera and decided I was going to get a Silhouette picture this last weekend.  Well, I wasn't thinking of everything.  It was hot and humid out, but my camera was nicely cooled at home and in the car, so when I took it out, it fogged all up.  I waited a few minutes and it wasn't clearing.  Oh well, I'll see what I can do with what I have I told myself.  I ended up with a nice silhouette of Maia walking away in the soccer field with one arm held up.  It looks a bit like she is walking away into an apocalyptic landscape.  Sort of a Holga look.  I wasn't sure what others would think of it.  However, even though it didn't win, it did get some nice comments from others.  Experimentation is good!!

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