Thursday, November 14, 2013

Interesting new Kickstarter project for a speedlight system

MagMod is a new kickstarter project for a fairly innovative light modifier system:

The innovation isn't in the light modification attributes, as its just a grid and a gel holder.  The innovation is in the delivery system.  Instead of messing with velcro and flimsy gels like you do on other systems like the Honl system you get an elegant, well thought out and implemented system that doesn't make you look like a DIYer.

By the way, I own and really like the Honl system, but it is not elegant and can sometimes be fussy to set up correctly etc.  It does the job, just not elegantly.

The MagMod, IF it fulfills on its promises, looks to be elegant, simple, easy to use AND useful all at the same time.  I contributed and am looking forward to testing it out when they start to ship in early 2014.  Click the link above to find out more and to support them towards their goals.  The campaign ends Dec 2, 2013…..

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