Saturday, March 1, 2014

Additional Yongnuo YN-622N System Video - Detailed Tutorial

Some readers on viewed my YN-622N-TX review and requested some additional information.  So I created a new step-by-step video that covers channels, groups, modes, EV flash compensation in TTL and remote manual, and high speed sync settings.  This video does not cover camera shutter triggering which I already covered in the review.

If there are areas of the system that the video doesn't cover that you would like to see, post a comment with suggestions.

Thanks for watching.


Don Boys said...

Thanks for sharing the excellent tutorial. I had no idea how far ttl control had come at such a reasonable price. Your video was extremely well done.


David Carrico said...

Thanks for the feedback Don, and happy shooting!

Richard Firth said...

Great tutorial. I just purchased a YN-622N-TX controller and two YN-622N transceivers through I am trying to use them with a Nikon D7000 camera and Nikon SB-700 speedlights. I am having a problem that I hope you can help me with.

Specifically, the TX on my D7000 and the 622Ns on my SB-700s seem to work perfectly in manual mode including all power adjustments (TX set to manual; SB-700s set to "on" or "master" and TTL; D7000 set to TTL or CMD, aperture priority or manual). However when I put the TX into TTL mode the flashes do not fire at all. I get nothing. The test button on the TX does cause some flickering of the lights on the 622N and a dimming of the LCD on the SB-700 but the flash does not fire that way either. The TX came with firmware version 1.05 and I have just reinstalled it. Both the TX and the transceiver are set to Channel 5.

I have watched your videos, read the manual and what I can find online, tried every combination of settings I can think of on the TX, the transceiver, the camera and the flash and I still cannot get the flash to fire in TTL mode. I'm beginning to think that the unit is defective. Any assistance you could provide would be appreciated. My email is Thanks in advance for your time.

David Carrico said...

@Richard Firth
I sent you an email with some diagnosis steps and one of my theories on what could be happening. Hopefully we'll be able to figure out what is going wrong.

davidspyle said...


Your tutorials have helped immensely in my learning to use these tools and I'm both appreciative and grateful. So, thanks very much for providing these tutorials.

I currently have a four flash system, three of which are Yongnuo YN565EXs. I'm also utilizing the YN 622N transceivers along with the YN622N-TX controller.

So, my question is, is it possible to utilize one of the flashes separately in Slave mode -- while the others are working off the YN 622 transceivers-- and use them all synchronously simultaneously?
And if so, how would I set it up? (Obviously, the question is why would I even want to do so? Let's just say that there are circumstances when it might be wanted/needed/necessary).

So, thanks for any information you might provide.


PS -- I like your "soul patch."

David Carrico said...

If I am understanding your question correctly, yes, you should be able to do that fairly easily. I believe you should be able to just set the separate flash on optical slave, and it will fire whenever the others do. Doing so has a couple of disadvantages in comparison to firing it with another 622N:
1) You can't remotely control the power settings of that flash from the TX
2) It will fire whenever it sees another flash of light, so if there are other photographers around, there could be some unintentional firings
3) In bright sunlight, it may not "see" the flash from one of your other flashes, and so may not fire.

I did try this with my SB900 (triggered by an SB600 that was on a 622N). Oddly, the first time it worked but after that it didn't (The SB900 would be triggered optically, but its light output would not register in the photo). Looks like some sort of sync issue, so I need to experiment a little more on the optical slave settings. After that, I did string the SB900 to the SB600/622N combo by using a PC sync cord, and that worked well.

Sorry I can't be more definitive yet on the optical slave piece.

In the meantime, happy shooting....
- David C.

PS: Thanks :-)

bakwanenak said...

Thank for the sharing..
Is that yongnuo 622n tx support standby mode? can you just compare this yongnuo with pixel king pro? thanks in advance..

David Carrico said...


What do you mean, does it support standby mode? If you mean, will it recover if your camera or flashes go into standby, then yes. I would love to be able to do a review comparing different triggers, but unfortunately I buy all of my own equipment or sometimes borrow as well, but I don't know anyone that has the pixel king pros to borrow from, so can't test them. If that changes sometime in the future, I'll try to do a review. Thanks, and happy shooting....

Charu Bhatt said...


I have 2 of the YN622N transievers, and one YN622Tx transmitter, SB700 flash, YN568EX flash and a D7000 and D4s. I can;t seem to get the flashes to work.

Perhaps I am not setting my camera "bracket/flash" correctly. Can you advise how your camera is set up?

My current transmitter set up is as follows:

Ch 1 Group A both flashes off camera
Transmitter on top of D7000 Nikon camera
Zoom 24mm for both flashes
full power for both flashes
both flashes in TTL mode
Camera Bracket/Flash ( TRIED ttl, master, commander) none of them fire the flashes when I take a shot nor do they talk to the transmitter (since the changes i make to for Group A and B output is also not reflected on the off camera flashes.)

However if i press the Test button on the transmitter both flashes fire.

I am fairly new to the off camera photography field so feel free to educate me :)))