Monday, December 1, 2014

Yongnuo products to be offered at B&H Photo Video soon

Flashhavoc reported today that B&H was going to start to carry Yongnuo products: Flash Havoc Announcement

If you put "Yongnuo" into the search box on the B&H site, you'll get the following results:

It one of my favorite and trusted retailers, so I'm excited that they will finally be carrying them.  So if you need any TN-622N transceivers or YN-622N-TX controllers, head on over to B&H.

On a side note, I also noticed that B&H has started to carry the Godox 360 manual flash, rebranding it  under the Bolt brand.  This is the same light sold my Cheetahstand as the Cheetahlight CL-360 that I have written about in the past (I still like Chetahstand for their customer service, but having multiple choices is also a good thing).

Happy Shooting!

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Dave Laha said...

Hello David,

Thanks for your blog.

I have a set of Yongnuo YN622N and a YN622N-TX. I use a D7000 or a D610 mostly and SB-800. I have not been able to make Yongnuo work properly in TTL mode. The flash triggers fine, but in TTL it is not changing the ISO, instead defaulting to the minimum ISO setting of 125 in the camera. Naturally, exposures are underexposed.

Do you have any thoughts? Any suggestion or help would be appreciated.