Saturday, May 21, 2011

Submissions to the photo of the week...

So I thought about my image for the Facebook group for photo of the week.  This week's theme was "Sweet".  I thought of going several different directions, possibly combining the taste (a sweet) with one of my kids being sweet, but the choreography behind that was too daunting.  Therefore I went more with sweet foods and took a photo of a lollipop and also of whip cream with sugar sprinkled on top.
Both were taken with a flash to camera left, with a bit of flash coming from the camera mounted unit (about 1/32 or less).  The lollipop added a third light kicking in from the lower right.  Unfortunately I could not completely get rid of the hot spot caused by the flash units in the lollipop, but was able to minimize it in post processing.  All shots were taken with my 105mm VR.  The lollipop shot was tripod mounted and was a big production.   The whip cream shot was hand held and literally thrown together in about 2 minutes from original thought to final image.

I'm not entirely happy with either of them, but I think they work for a first submission.

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